Our hearts are full 

As we rapidly approach spring, we are all excited for a year full of opportunity and hope. I, however, would like to encourage a few moments of reflection, to look back on what the Lord has done through Church Growth Trust in 2022 to help keep church buildings for their original Gospel use and to help occupying churches make them fit for the God-given purpose.  

You will have seen some of their faces and read some of their stories. These are the churches we have worked with this year who have been remarkable and their commitment inspiring. So often it starts with trustees who take the bold step of passing on their buildings to Church Growth Trust (CGT) to allow other churches to continue the Lord’s work in their communities or because they want to benefit from the help that CGT can give them.  

We rejoice in the work the Lord enabled us and the churches we have worked with to do over the last year and have some highlights to share with you. 

  • In 2022, we were gifted or appointed as sole trustee of 10 church properties  
  • Seven new custodian/holding trusteeships were taken on 
  • 26 churches helped with advice on building issues or potential building projects 
  • Six building or refurbishment projects were either started or completed for our occupying churches 
  • Two new staff members and one new trustee were appointed. 

The staff team at Church Growth Trust is truly grateful to God for all that has been achieved during 2022. He has been faithful in providing us with the resources we needed, keeping us going through busy and stressful times.  

Giles Arnold – Chief Executive

Also, I want to thank you for working with us in many different capacities. For encouraging us, for speaking well of us and for being gracious with us if we have not met expectations. We look forward to working with you and seeing the Kingdom grow further in 2023.  

May the Lord give you fresh vision and direction for the year ahead as you seek His will.

Yours in His service