A new roof in Stockton-on-Tees

Hebron Church in Stockton-on-Tees have not only been successful in reaching their community, by evangelism and mercy ministries (they run a foodbank from their property), but also have strived to keep their building in good condition.   

When Church Growth Trust were recently gifted the property, we carried out a survey to report on repairs that are required and compliance issues that need to be dealt with.  One of the major points of discussion was the roof, which was showing signs of nail sickness.  As it was the original roof and therefore over 120 years old, the church needed to consider that it should be replaced within the next few years.  They therefore raised the funds, partly through grant-funding, to completely re-roof the main parts of the building.   

There were a number of other matters that were pointed out in the survey that were connected with the main roof, including work on the gable end walls, flashing, capping stones and removal of a redundant chimney, and work that was required to the flat roof.  These have all been included in the re-roofing work, which has been carried out successfully by a local contractor.  The church worked well with the contractor, who showed a great deal of flexibility, and they managed to keep on good terms with all the neighbours (important for their local witness).

The church also tried some innovative methods, including using concrete tiles with feathered edges to give them the appearance of natural slate.  It is hoped that the new roof will last as long as the old one and will not need to be replaced this century!