Making your services available online

It is safe to say that the tools for sermon production have changed quickly over the years. Many churches started streaming their services online during the lockdown in 2020-21, overcoming significant knowledge and technical challenges along the way. 

However, for some, the whole thing can still feel a little daunting. Today, everything is digital and the tools are constantly evolving. So, when you are trying to decipher how to make your sermons digital, it can be a challenge to know where to start. But the variety of tools now available means that it has never been easier to record and upload your sermons. All that is needed is a mobile phone and a phone tripod stand!   

Create content for social media 

When churches create sermon content, they may produce a video or audio recording of the service. That content can then be shared on social media as a way of reaching out to new members and generating interest. 

One way to reuse sermon content is to create short video clips that feature your sermon’s key points. These videos could be used as stand-alone posts on social media, or they could be used as teasers to encourage people to watch the full sermon online.  

Alternatively, you could take a few quotes from the sermon and use them in visual content like memes or graphics that convey the message of the sermon in an interesting way. 

Placing the latest sermon on your church website 

If you’re looking to grow your church, there’s a lot of value in recording sermons and posting them on your website. it gives people who can’t attend services the opportunity to listen in on what they’ve missed. It also allows people who want to hear the same sermon again.  

There are several options when it comes to posting your church’s latest sermon:  

  • Create a Spotify podcast – There are a few options when it comes to posting your church’s latest sermon. If people want to listen in their own time, then a podcast link is a simple solution. It might seem a bit strange using a podcasting medium to share your sermons, but it really does work!  Download the Spotify for Podcasters app onto your phone or mobile device you will be recording from Spotify for Podcasters.  Sign up and create your Spotify channel and add your profile page and then press the ‘new episode’ button to record your sermon.  Uploading your sermon onto Spotify is then very straightforward. 
  • Let people watch or listen online from YouTube – Many churches have set up a YouTube channel where they can upload video and audio recordings.  This might take a little more technical know-how and a microphone to capture sound well. Find out more about creating a YouTube channel for your church: Create a YouTube channel
  • Creating images to accompany your sermons – You will also need to upload a YouTube ‘banner’ for your channel and a ‘thumbnail’ picture for each talk you upload; these can easily be put together on the Canva website.  This web-based program is extremely intuitive and gives you the ability to create a variety of infographics without graphic design experience. 
  • Watching as it happens with Facebook Live – If they want to watch it as it happens, then a live stream is probably the way to go! Many churches used this as a way of live streaming their services and have continued to do so.  It is then possible for people to go on to your Facebook page and watch the sermon at a later stage. 
  • Soundcloud – this works in a very similar way to Spotify for Podcasters; create an account and it is then straightforward to record and upload your sermons. Then add the icon of your chosen recording platform to your website and social media platforms and people will then be able to easily access your sermons on the go. 

And finally… 

Don’t forget to ensure that you don’t infringe any copyright laws and that your church has paid for the relevant copyright subscriptions for any streaming of worship music, lyrics or videos.  Please visit Christian Copyright Licensing International for further information.  

Whatever format you choose, make sure it’s easy for people to find and that the quality is good.  

Enjoy experimenting!