General Trusteeship

General Trusteeship

What will your church building be used for in ten years’ time?  Our video Warehouse or wine bar shows Church Growth Trust’s heart to keep gospel halls and chapels in Gospel use and shows examples of how we have been able to do this

Property trusteeship (and ownership) has been a specialism of Church Growth Trust for over 100 years (previously under Stewardship, UKET and initially as the East of England Evangelization Trust). Our Trust Corporation status enables us to own properties and to act as Sole Trustee for church or charity buildings. This is a real help when property Trusts struggle to maintain sufficient trustees or you as trustees wish to be relieved of your responsibility.

Church Growth Trust owns or acts as Sole Trustee for over 90 church properties across the UK. We actively manage these and work closely with the occupying churches. We are keen to find growing evangelical churches to use any empty properties we have.

Some of the benefits of Church Growth Trust’s property trusteeship service are:

  • Long-term stewardship of properties
  • Regular visits and advice
  • Help with alterations, extensions or new development
  • Secure Document Storage Service
  • Consultancy Helpline
  • Keeping churches up to date with current legislation
  • Block policy building insurance
  • Connections to help churches.

To find out more about our trusteeship service, what you would get from us and how this would work see our booklet:

Your Guide to Church Growth Trust’s Property Trusteeship Services

If you would like to speak to someone, please contact Giles Arnold on 01536 647164 or