Continuing to grow 

In Church Growth Trust’s (CGT) spring 2023 edition of our Foundations magazine we talked about the need for more office space. This is required for the expanding staff team (we started in our present office with five people and now have nine) and to provide meeting room space. We are pleased to announce that we have taken on some additional offices from our existing landlord. This is across the yard from the existing offices (“The Barn”) in another converted farm building (“The Stable”) and is already being used for staff meetings, trustees’ meetings, quiet space, staff breakout time and one-to-one meetings.  

CGT’s Operations Director Garryl Willis says, “We are delighted with the new space, and are already putting it to good use. Just being able to get away from our desks for meetings helps to focus on the discussions. The Stable has one main office, with some additional storage. The main room is light and airy and such a good working environment. We are grateful to our landlord for his co-operation and hope this will provide for our needs in the next few years.” 

CGT believes the extra space will enable the team to provide better services for the churches that we serve, as we continue to secure church buildings for Gospel use and work closely with occupying churches to ensure the buildings are fit for their God-given purpose. 

If you are in the Rutland area, feel free to drop in to see our new offices!