Better appearance, better access, better layout

At Church Growth Trust we are always keen to see our church properties improved, so that they are more attractive, welcoming, accessible for all and making best use of the space available.  We have been talking for a number of years to Potters House Church Southend, who occupy Coleman Street Chapel in Southend-on-Sea, about ways of improving the building to achieve all of these things.  We have now agreed the details of the work, obtained planning permission and sourced the funding, and the project is almost complete.  This will provide a permanently ramped access and a better positioned accessible WC, as well as new entrance door (glazed to make it more welcoming, modern and attractive) and a larger reception/welcome area, with direct access to the main worship area, accessible WC and balcony. 

Previously there was an external access to the balcony and a large internal staircase that was taking up space in the worship area.  The kitchen and rear meeting room have also been improved, so that the Chapel is much more suitable for the church’s use. 

As the Pastor Steve Gabriel says, “we as a church are so blessed to have Church Growth Trust helping us with these major improvements to the property, which not only helps us to comply with legislation, but also makes the building much more flexible, attractive for people to come in and provides more space for us as we grow over the next few years”.