What does Church Growth Trust do for its occupying churches?

The values held, embedded and threaded through the ongoing work of Church Growth Trust (CGT) are key to how it provides support to and partners, for the Gospel, with the churches who occupy the properties owned by CGT.

The heart of God is generous, and Christians are to be imitators of Him. CGT aims to be generous with its dealings with others, its time, sharing knowledge, its openness to collaboration and its willingness to work with others and point to and promote other organisations. The CGT team want to speak well of others and of their colleagues. They want to be ready to give their best and give that bit extra when circumstances require it.

This is why CGT has provided all its occupying churches with a booklet on compliance and legal issues facing churches and why CGT is now sending the same churches the Property Book (see article on Living in the Present). It is also why CGT provides a whole range of briefing papers that are free and available to view and download from the Resources menu on CGT’s website. From “Building Work to Church Premises” to “Copyright & Licensing” and from “Managing Asbestos in Church Buildings” to “Bats”, these resources are informative and a general guide
to all churches. Feedback from the churches shows these are valued and appreciated. The website Tips of the Month, Case Studies and regular News articles are also helpful resources for churches.


God prioritises relationship above all else. Staff and trustees of Church Growth Trust want to behave in a way that values relationships highly, seeking to develop long term, mutual value relationships. They commit to do all they can to maintain good relationships with others; particularly the churches using CGT’s properties. CGT’s
involvement with churches who occupy its properties starts well before the keys are handed over and church activities commence. CGT’s Property Manager, John Duffield, helps churches through the often daunting and confusing journey of agreeing the lease. He continues to work closely with churches during their occupation through regular contact and visits, standing alongside them when they are dealing with property, charity, legal and pastoral issues.


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Foundations Spring 2020