Our Trusteeship Services: Helping secure your church building for Gospel use

The services Church Growth Trust (CGT) provide flow out of our vision and mission to aspire to glorify God by safeguarding for Gospel use independent church properties.  We aim to fulfil this by holding and accepting independent church properties as owner or trustee.

We know as church property trustees you face many different challenges. The law is constantly changing, so it is easy to lose track of the latest property legislation, health & safety issues and charity matters.

What is Trusteeship? 

When a church or board of trustees is unsure of its future, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You may be dealing with major building problems, facing the challenge of finding enough trustees so others can retire, or even the possibility of church closure. This is where Church Growth Trust and our trusteeship services can step in to help safeguard church buildings for generations to come. 

“There are times when I have met with property trustees and explained their options and the work we do, where I have seen a visible burden being lifted from their shoulders. A genuine relief that they can make a fully informed decision, that gives them hope for the future” 

GILES ARNOLD, Chief Executive, Church Growth Trust 

Here to help you safeguard your church building 

Church Growth Trust (CGT) is set up to help independent evangelical churches keep church buildings for their original Gospel use. We help you to move forward by working closely with you to find the right solution for your church. Alternatively, we can take on the property ourselves, so if a fellowship decides it must close (now or in the future), we safeguard the building by finding another evangelical church to use it. 

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