New resource for church property trustees

Church Growth Trust’s new free booklet Church Property Trustees – What can Church Growth Trust do for you? is now available to order.

The role of a church property trustee has changed. In the past trustees of church properties may have met once or twice a year and may have had very little to discuss, other than whether the occupying assembly/church were adhering to the doctrines and practices set out in the Trust Deed. Today you need to keep up to date with legislation relating to property, health and safety and charity matters and seem to have many more liabilities.

You may be facing the challenge of finding enough trustees, to allow some of the current trustees to retire. You may also be faced with the real possibility of the assembly closing in the near future and are burdened with what to do with the empty property.

Church Growth Trust (CGT) owns or acts as Sole Trustee for over 90 church properties across the UK. It actively manages these and works closely with the occupying churches. CGT is keen to find growing evangelical churches to use any empty properties it has.

The booklet sets out clearly:

What Church Growth Trust can do for you.

  • Review your Trust Deed
  • Consider issues with the legal title
  • Give charity formation advice
  • Provide property services, ranging from surveys to architectural work
  • Provide property trusteeship services.

What the benefits are of Church Growth Trust’s property trusteeship service.

  • Long-term stewardship of properties
  • Regular visits and advice
  • Help with alterations, extensions or new development
  • Secure Document Storage Service
  • Consultancy Helpline
  • Keeping churches up to date with current legislation
  • Block policy building insurance
  • Connections to help churches.

What the options are if you want to involve Church Growth Trust with your property trusteeship.

  • Transfer of ownership and gift property to Church Growth Trust
  • Appoint Church Growth Trust as Sole Trustee of the existing property Trust
  • Appoint Church Growth Trust as Custodian Trustee

What the process is for Church Growth Trust getting involved.

You can ask for a free copy of this booklet by calling CGT’s office on 01536 201339 or emailing

Giles Arnold, Church Growth Trust’s Chief Executive, is enthusiastic about the new booklet “our old paper on our trusteeship services is a bit long in the tooth and does not explain very clearly what Church Growth Trust offers. We want to make property trustees aware of all that we can do to help them and I am delighted that this new easy to read and attractive booklet will do just that.”

Trusteeship Services Booklet