Hope in the forest

On the eastern tip of Hampshire, just on the border with Surrey, sits the pretty village of Liss. Five miles north of Petersfield and six miles south west of Liphook, this is the home of Liss Evangelical Church. Established 90 years ago and strongly rooted in the community, the church is very much part of Elder Stewart Cartwright’s history. 

 “My grandfather was instrumental in establishing the church in 1929. My parents were the first couple to get married there the following year and six generations of my family have attended it. In fact, it was opened by J B Watson, a well-known Brethren brother and W W Fereday, a prolific Brethren author often attended. By last year, our congregation had dwindled to only 15 people and we felt that it was time to offer our building to another church. We certainly didn’t want to see it being redeveloped.” 

This is where Church Growth Trust (CGT) comes in. The building has been owned by CGT and let to Liss Evangelical Church for many years. Having been alerted to the fact that the congregation felt it was time to approach other churches, John Duffield, the Property Manager, began working with the Elders to effect the transition from old to new. 

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Foundations Spring 2021